This is the official wiki for the Heroctors Universe, a universe consisting of the Heroctors, Warriors of Xaraxax, King's Guard, and other superheroes and superhero teams.

Project 1: Heroctors Rise Edit

Red: Salutations (2020)

Exina (2021)

Logson: Blazing Heat (2021)

Red: Destructions (2022)

Aros: The Prophecy Awakens (2022)

The Red Cardinal (2023)

The Heroctors (2023)

Project Two: Heroctors Build Edit

Red: Tormentions (2024)

Exina: The Last Defender (2024)

Logson: Guardian of the North Sky (2025)

Warriors of Xaraxax (2025)

Aros: Darkness Rising (2026)

Maylock (2026)

Giant Kid (2027)

Heroctors: Rebellion (2027)

Project Three: Heroctors Fall Edit

Logson: Divided (2028)

Warriors of Xaraxax: Galaxy Doomed (2028)

Unknown: Year One (2029)

Aros: War Between Worlds (2029)

Blue Bull (2029)

Heroctors: Reality Fading (2030)

Giant Kid II (2030)

Heroctors: Forever (2031)

Unknown: Second Wind (2031)

Project Four: The New Heroctors Edit

Exina: The Next Attack (2032)

The Immortals (2032)

Jah-Mu: Rise of the Sword (2033)

Maylock: Dimensions (2033)

Aros: The Flames of Wrath (2033)

Warriors of Xaraxax: Universal Danger (2034)

Project Five: Heroctors Together Edit

Blue Bull: The War of Atlantis (2034)

Unknown: Exiled (2034)

Exina: The Last War (2035)

Red Cardinal 2 (2035)

Edge (2035)

The Next Heroctors (2036)

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